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Petal Accessories

Discount provider
Petal accessories
Business description
Petal Accessories for handbags, purses, scarves, costume jewellery, gloves, umbrellas and much more
Offer details
Offer title
10% discount
Contact details
Business location
There is no map available for this service
Building name/number
Street Name
Wednesday Market, Beverley
HU17 0DG
East Yorkshire
Modification Date 07/07/2017


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Suggest and Save

Do you know of any businesses who would like to join our scheme? Or is there a certain business you would like to see in the scheme?
Email your suggestions to marketing@eastriding.gov.uk.

Information for businesses

Shop & Save allows you to promote your business to all East Riding of Yorkshire Council staff and foster carers, covering an audience of over 15,000. The scheme is free to join and includes a free listing which will appear online and in our staff magazine, The Grapevine. 
To join, complete our booking form.

Information pack

Find out more on what advertising opportunities we offer through the Shop & Save scheme, download our information pack.

Forms of ID

We ask members of the scheme to accept five forms of ID: staff ID badge, carer's card, remittance advice (foster carers only), staff payslip and a Shop & Save card. To view these, download our forms of ID. 

Member of staff without any of the above? Email marketing@eastriding.gov.uk to get a Shop & Save card.